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Online Counseling for Women

We provide telemental health counseling for women who are dealing with a variety of maternal and motherhood issues. We are here to help women make realistic and positive changes in their lives for emotional growth and wellness. All awaiting mother, mothers-to-be, and existing mothers face many obstacles that can be challenging while navigating through all the stages of motherhood. The Therapist’s Lounge LLC is a safe and therapeutic space for you to go to receive support for your individual needs.

Professional Development

Professional development as a mental health professional is an ongoing journey towards competence, job satisfaction, and leadership. The Therapist’s Lounge provides clinical supervision, consultation, and training to meet your professional needs.

Self-Care Coaching

Self-Care Coaching is available for women who are interested in gaining guidance and support, and would like to begin or continue their healing journey and implement positive changes in their lives for emotional growth and wellness


Helpful tools to help mental health professionals experience professional growth and development. Burnout, vicarious trauma, job dissatisfaction, and leadership issues are common concerns in the mental health profession. 

Clinical Supervision

Obtaining effective clinical supervision is important for your professional development in the mental health field. We offer virtual individual and group supervision that is supportive, enriched, and relevant to current issues.


We offer continued education workshops with a wellness approach to advance your professional development and effectiveness with your clients and colleagues.

Helping You Experience A Happier Life

Unlock Your Full Potential

Are you tired of feeling depressed, anxious, confused, or exhausted about life circumstances? Do you need someone to help guide you in the right direction towards life satisfaction, inner peace, and resilience? Are you in need of help from someone who is not judgmental, but supportive, empathetic, and understanding? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are at the starting point of discovering yourself and making the necessary changes for personal growth and development.

Online Resources

Wellness eBooks


Here you can find a variety of mental health resources available for individuals, communities, and organizations. In addition to online counseling, you may benefit from available information provided to help you with current issues and future goals.


Reading for the purpose of discovering new perspectives and learning more can be a helpful tool for managing stress and fostering hope. Take some time out to read on a variety of wellness topics and fostering hope. Take some time out to read on a variety of mental health topics.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

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